Check out Mansory’s new kit for the Ferrari 812 Superfast

By topgear, 03 May 2020

Wait, what? Since when was Mansory in the business of subtly modifying cars? This is the 812 Superfast Softkit – and there’s no marble-effect carbonfibre or even a giant rear wing in sight.

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There’s still plenty of ‘standard’ carbon of course. That Ferrari front end now features a new front lip with some extremely pronounced winglets, as well as an angry-looking carbonfibre splitter inside the grille.

Round the back there’s a small new spoiler and a hefty diffuser that features an F1-style LED brake light. We like this. The whole look is a bit fussy, yes, and it’s hardly what one would call beautiful, but it’s also not sacrilege like so many of Mansory’s other wacky creations.

The German tuner has actually been rather restrained. And there’s no word of any engine modifications either. Great news, because the 812’s 800hp naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 is a masterpiece – and you wouldn’t want your GCSE art teacher to have a go at restoring a Monet, would you?

What do you reckon, Internet – is the Softkit an improvement on the 812’s divisive looks?

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