Check out this one-of-three Toyota GR Supra GT4 '100 Edition'

By topgear, 16 September 2023

Check out this one-of-three Toyota GR Supra GT4 '100 Edition'

Toyota has just dropped the tastiest-looking thing we’ve seen all week. Behold, the GR Supra GT4 '100 Edition'. It's super rare. There’s only three of them being built, with one each being shipped to Asia, North America and Europe.

It's been done to mark the 100th delivery of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra GT4 race car. If you recall, the brand did a similar thing when announcing the '50 Edition'. Just like that one, this won’t be homologated, either.

Instead this track-day only motorsport special gets a 3.0-litre six-pot turbo straight out of the 450hp GR Supra GT4 Evo. It has a raft of bespoke enhancements though – a larger bonnet vent, new dive plane aero devices, a muffler-free exhaust system, carbonfibre wing mirrors and a passenger seat.

And very specifically, we're told it's "made for collectors and friends of Toyota".

Well-monied friends and collectors, because each one will cost €220k without taxes. Guess you're buying into the GR Supra GT4's motorsport pedigree - 125 podium finishes over more than 300 races.

Hendrik Schietzel, customer racing manager at TGR Europe, said: “Thanks to the trust and enthusiasm of our customers, we have reached this milestone of 100 vehicles in just three years, which is very positive. With the GR Supra GT4 and the GR Supra GT4 EVO, we have worked with our customers to develop a race car that teams around the world can use to achieve success."


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