Toyota’s 430hp Supra GT4 will cost €175k

By topgear, 31 October 2019

“GT4 vehicles are sold to race participants and cannot be driven on public roads,” reads the footnote of Toyota’s latest release. So no, this isn’t a track-honed, road-going Toyota Supra.

It is a racing Toyota Supra, and it can be yours for the sum of €175,000. Plus taxes.

(Click HERE to check out some interior shots of the GT4 Supra)

Plus a race team. Plus… well, you get the gist. The GT4 Supra we first told you about in the summer has now been priced, with a few more spec details thrown in for good measure, too. That 3.0-litre turbo six gets a healthy boost to 430hp and 650Nm – up considerably over the road car’s 340hp and 500Nm.

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Toyota’s racing division, Gazoo, notes that “different power sticks” will be available to comply with Balance of Performance regulations, too. That power is fed through a seven-speed automatic gearbox complete with paddleshifters, and spat out through a “motorsport-specification” mechanical limited slip diff to the rear tyres.

It features KW adjustable racing dampers, monster six-piston Brembo calipers and 390mm steel discs up front, and four-piston calipers/335mm discs at the back, all hiding behind 18in OZ wheels.

The front splitter and rear wing are made of natural fibre composite, which helps keep the GT4 Supra’s weight down to just 1,350kg, nearly 150kg down on a roadgoing Supra. There’s the obligatory roll cage inside, alongside a FIA-standard race seat and six-point harness. Each GT4 Supra will come with a carbonfibre instrument panel with a display and steering wheel “specifically designed for GT4 competition”. That’s handy.

Sales will kick off in Europe next year, followed by America in August, and Japan/Asia in October. Looks… fighty, doesn’t it?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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