Toyota will sell you a Supra GT4 racecar

By topgear, 04 July 2019

The Supra GT4 Concept of this year’s Geneva Motor Show is going to be a thing. Toyota has announced it will sell them to “private/customers teams” starting next year.

Like the AMG GT4 we tried a couple of months ago, the Supra will be eligible for Europe’s VLN Series, the Michelin Pilot Series in the States, the Super Takiyu Series in Japan and many more.

Per its name, the GT4 will conform to GT4 regulations – meaning it’s a largely entry-level, turn-key race car with the same basic powertrain as its roadgoing sibling, but with less weight and added FIA-spec safety equipment.

The likes of Mercedes, Alpine, Aston Martin and Audi all offer GT4 cars – balance of performance regulations means the racing is always close, as the cars perform more of less identically regardless of powertrain. It also means many of them are a bit less powerful than their road car equivalent, but that’s unlikely to be the case here.

Toyota has teamed up with Akrapovič, Pirelli and Ravenol to develop the GT4. Full specs, prices and so on will be announced later this year – for now we know it uses the same 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged engine as the Toyota Supra road car, has a steel body with carbon addenda and has a full complement of FIA-spec safety gear.

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