Oh wow, the ‘hotter’ Subaru BRZ is a massive let-down

By topgear, 01 August 2023

Okay, we have an apology to make. When Subaru announced last week that it was working on a ‘sharper and more focused’ BRZ, we got a little bit excited. You see, we had visions that it would be a proper BRZ STI with gold wheels, a big turbo and possibly some rally-spec aero.

Alas, it is this – the BRZ tS – and it’s a rather large let-down. It’ll be the new top spec BRZ in the US, but it doesn’t even get any more power from its 2.4-litre boxer engine.

The headline change is ‘STI-tuned suspension’ that uses Hitachi dampers front and rear, while the brakes are new, stronger Brembo units with gold-painted calipers. 

That’s kind of it though, if we’re honest. There aren’t even any exterior modifications – just a couple of little tS badges front and rear to mark this out as the one with slightly better handling.

Although hang on, there’s also ‘tS-only contrasting blue stitching’ on the inside and an STi logo on the starter button. What a treat! Thanks Subaru.

STORY Greg Potts

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