Happy days: the new Subaru BRZ is a 228hp RWD coupe

By topgear, 20 November 2020

The headlines are thus: the new Subaru BRZ is a similar size (a bit longer and lower, with a slightly longer wheelbase) and so has the same proportions as the excellent first-gen car, but has a more powerful engine, more rigid chassis and better interior.

That new engine is a 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated ‘Boxer’ four-cylinder with 228hp and 250Nm of torque – 28hp and 38Nm more than the old 2.0-litre. It revs to 7,500rpm and drives the rear wheels only through a six-speed manual gearbox and LSD. Good.

A six-speed automatic with wheel-mounted paddles and a new ‘Sport’ mode is also available. We’re told the new stability control system has FIVE settings. Long as one of them is ‘OFF’ we’re happy.

The BRZ sits on a “bespoke chassis” that promises near-perfect weight distribution and vastly improved rigidity. It will be shared with Toyota’s much anticipated GT86 replacement.

Looks smarter, too. Especially inside, where you get a seven-inch screen instead of normal dials, an eight-inch touchscreen with CarPlay and a more modern layout.

Far more GT86s were sold in Britain than BRZs, so everyone cross your fingers we aren’t cruelly denied Toyota’s little coupe too.

For all the Americans out there, you’ll be able to buy a new BRZ for a no doubt annoyingly low price next autumn. 

STORY Tom Harrison

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