DEZIRE+ Lifestyle Programme launched with Mazda CX-60 in Singapore : Mazda’s Deep Dezire+

By davidkhoo, 22 July 2023

Mr. Chong Kah Wei – Mazda Singapore’s Managing Director – tells us about the Dezire+ Lifestyle Programme during CX-60 launch in Singapore

VivoCity, Singapore - Automotive brands in Singapore are starting to realise that selling a car is just the beginning of the journey with the customer, because buyers are looking for an exclusive experience to go along with car ownership.

And considering how much new cars currently cost in Singapore (yes, we’re looking at you COE), can you really blame them?

More practically, having a community of owners passionate about the brand helps immeasurably when it comes to events and new model launches.

As Mazda Singapore unveils the premium CX-60 SUV (2.5-litre with 191hp / 261Nm) here at just under S$280k – the first model from the brand’s Large Product group – it also (re)-introduces Singapore to the DEZIRE+ Lifestyle Programme, a local initiative that is aligned with Mazda Japan’s focus on the ownership experience.

Local Mazda fans may somewhat be familiar with the earlier DEZIRE programme, but DEZIRE+ will supplant this as it shifts focus to the brand’s upmarket models, which at present, will begin with the CX-60.

“Dezire+ came about as an improvement and differentiation from the Dezire programme in the past,” explains Mr. Chong Kah Wei (pictured above).

He continues, “Why ‘Dezire’? We understand what customers want from an ownership experience and want to resonate with it and thus used the term ‘Dezire’ as opposed to ‘Desire’. The ‘+’ is reserved for the top-end range of our customers and it indicates a programme that centres on more than just the car, but the owner’s experience as well.”

Dezire+ will feature a curated selection of experiences, gifts and privileges and automatically enrols new buyers of Mazda’s premium collection models, which include the CX-60, as well as the upcoming CX-80.

Of course, it’s not about the perks and privileges, but rather the partnership between Mazda Singapore and the owners.

Kah Wei tells us, “Dezire+ was created by the local team, because as Mazda moves into a more premium segment, we also wanted to elevate the ownership experience. It’s not just about price and product, but the whole lifestyle/ownership aspect to complement the new direction of the brand.”

“The Dezire + community will grow with every new CX-60 registration as it is complimentary for these owners. We are pleased to have the first eight owners on the Dezire+ programme and are confident they will enjoy the privileges. We expect this to grow by the end of the year so please check back with me again!” he adds.

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