Ferrari Purosangue on display in Singapore at Ital Auto

By davidkhoo, 04 September 2023

Ferrari Purosangue on display in Singapore at Ital Auto

Ital Auto, Singapore - Ferrari's first four-door, four-seater 'activity vehicle', the Purosangue, has charged into Singapore and is currently on display at the Ital Auto showroom at 30 Leng Kee Road.

By our last reckoning, the order books were closed well before this display/homologation car was even shipped.

To recap, the V12-engined (nat-asp, naturally!) 6.5-litre Purosangue starts at S$2m before COE and options and was intended as a 'reward' (of sorts) for die-hard loyalist-owners of the Prancing Horse.

(Ferrari's Chief Marketing Officer, Enrico Galliera, tells us more about Ferrari's 'A-List' HERE)

With 715hp and 716Nm, the Purosangue will seat four in cocooned comfort on your ballistic inter-continental excursions, with rear-hinged rear 'welcome' doors that allow the rear occupants to step into the car.

To clarify, the Purosangue isn't so much a limited edition as it is limited in production ability.

In other words, the factory will build as much as it can before it can't, regardless of how many more tifosi are throwing money its way!

So why display a car you can't buy? Well, we're just told today that the order books have been reopened, which means there is still a possibility to put your name down for one!

If we had a load of spare dosh lying around, the Cullinan and Purosangue would make the perfect bookends in the rarefied realm of super-scale high-bodied vehicles... one for luxury, the other for performance. 

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