Gordon Murray Technology is developing two electric SUVs

By topgearsingapore, 01 July 2022

Gordon Murray Technology is developing two electric SUVs

Gordon Murray Group has revealed the new Technology division that will spearhead its development of future electric cars, as well as supporting the Automotive side of the business that’s so far given us the T.50, T.50s and T.33.

As part of the reshuffle, Gordon Murray becomes Executive Chairman and keeps responsibility “for all product development and design”, while Philip Lee assumes Murray’s old role as CEO.

The new Technology arm brings together the existing Design and Electronics departments, and will oversee “every aspect of vehicle development, design and manufacturing” as it enters into projects with other manufacturers.

We found out last year that Gordon Murray was developing a lightweight platform for small EVs and delivery vans, but now it’s been confirmed that development of two fully-electric SUVs - one of which is for a major OEM - is underway.

“Despite the success of GMA, our major growth opportunity now lies with Gordon Murray Technology,” explained Murray himself. “We have a best-in-class highly talented team, capable of working with a global client base, transforming electric vehicles, connectivity and, eventually, autonomous transportation.

“People will reconsider what electric vehicles are capable of and I am looking forward to personally overseeing these fascinating projects.”

The new Technology group will adhere to the same seven ‘key principles’ that have guided GMA so far: driving perfection, performance through light-weighting, engineering excellence, sustainable mobility, disruptive technologies, low energy solutions, innovation by design.

And if there's one bit of the car market that's in serious need of some 'light-weighting', it's the electric SUV segment.

The whole enterprise will be based at a new £50 million campus in Surrey that’s due for completion in 2024, with another facility opened recently in Warwick. Further plans for a base in the US are also in the pipeline.

Hands up who wants GMA’s next project to be something we mere mortals can afford?

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