Has this British company ‘fixed’ the Aston Martin Vantage’s face?

By topgear, 11 June 2020

The saga of the Aston Martin Vantage’s controversial face rumbles on. First, Aston Martin itself had a crack at a new grille when it launched the Vantage Roadster earlier this year. Now, a British company’s come along and had a completely fresh go at a Vantage nose job.

Welcome to the Vantage by Revenant Automotive. The British start-up company reckons it’s spotted a market for a more traditional-looking baby Aston – a new twin-turbo V8 Vantage that looks, well, a tad more like the impossibly pretty old Vantage.

Revenant first showed off renderings of its re-nosed Vantage last year, but since then it’s actually built and fitted the new bumper to a real-life Aston. We’re told the panel is available in either ‘lightweight composite’ (i.e. fibreglass) or more expensive carbonfibre, while you can choose a bright, toothy grille or the darkened framework treatment.

The idea is purely a cosmetic exercise. The Revenant grille doesn’t increase downforce, and apparently it still has the same cooling capability as the original. Similar weight, too. This is purely about a more ‘classic’ Aston look.

And if that’s a bit too subtle for you, and you fancy adding a smidge of the attitude from the original Aston ‘Hunter’ grille, Revenant will paint some lipstick around the car’s new mouth. It apes the look of older special edition Vantages like the N430 and V12 Vantage S. Cheeky…

Fancy having a crack at your own version? On the other end of these blue words, Revenant has set up a configurator where you can play with the tweaked Vantage. Do your worst. There’s no word on prices yet, so don’t let budget hold you back.

Should this be how it looked all along? We can’t help remembering that only a few years ago, Aston Martin used to get trolled precisely because all its cars looked the same…

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