The 007 Edition Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and Vantage are here

By topgear, 17 August 2020

Oof, that’s not a bad sight to start the day, is it? Aston Martin has announced a pair of new special edition supercars ahead of the release of the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, and here they are.

Let us begin with the most powerful of the bunch. It’s our old friend, the DBS Superleggera; that gorgeous, 5.2-litre, V12-engined 725hp brute that packs the highest torque figure of any road-going Aston built.

There’s no more power on offer for this special edition (there seldom is, and you don’t need it), but there is a special ‘Ceramic Grey’ paint job, along with black-tinted carbonfibre mirrors, CF splitter, CF diffuser and a rear CF ‘Aeroblade II’.

Naturally, you get 007 arch and rear spoiler badges (jury’s still out on that one, if we’re honest), along with gloss black, diamond-turned 21in wheels. Inside, we’re told it’s ‘brooding’: there’s black leather and red detailing, and some 007 branding dotted about the place.

A fine environment to ponder over the money you’ve spent on a movie tie-in car. Though, you’ll be one of just 25 people to own a 007 DBS Superleggera, so there’s that.

Next up is the 007 Aston Martin Vantage, here inspired by the V8 Aston that appeared in 1987’s The Living Daylights and the one that also pops up in No Time To Die.

Again, it’s grey (London’s sky called, it wants its colour back etc etc), with a bespoke mesh front grille and chrome bezel. The diffuser on this car is yellow, and you absolutely must option the skis and ski rack to go full Timothy Dalton.

It’s all very moody inside (again), with black leather, dark chrome, and yet more 007 branding. Pop the sun visor down and Bond nerds will appreciate the embroidered radio station frequency of 96.60 FM – the Russian police frequency Bond used in The Living Daylights. There are film references, and then there are Film References.

Indeed, more stuff like this includes a pair of cello ‘f holes’ on the carbon fibre seat backs (again, from The Living Daylights), and a laser-etched gadget plaque referencing the various weapons Bond used in the film. This one will set you back £161k, and Aston is building 100 of them.

“Creating a 007 Edition is always an exciting challenge as we work to develop and style a car that embodies the legend of James Bond,” explains Aston creative boss Marek Reichman. “It is an honour to apply carefully judged 007-inspired styling to our sportscars, which gives our customers the opportunity to own a unique piece of both cinematic and automotive history.”

Just bring it back in one piece, 007, etc etc…

STORY Vijay Pattni

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