Here are some more pictures of the Kia EV9 concept

By topgear, 19 November 2021

Kia teased the EV9 concept with some moody pictures and sketches last week, along with the news that it would stop selling combustion-engined cars in Europe by 2035, before becoming fully carbon neutral by 2045.

The EV9 will be Kia’s take on a seven-seat electric SUV based on the E-GMP platform – much like the Hyundai SEVEN concept that’s also on display at the LA Auto Show right now.

It takes a similar direction to the SEVEN but uses even more straight lines and even chunkier arches. Very different to the EV6, too.

There aren’t too many technical details available right now. Kia just claims the same as Hyundai – 480+ km of range and 350kW fast charging for the production version. We do know that this concept is just under five metres long though, and is over two metres wide despite using cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors.

Those cameras are there to improve the aerodynamics, and whilst it might seem a little odd to talk about aero on a giant slab-sided shed, there are a couple more touches that should make the EV9 slightly more slippery.

The roof rails, for example, fold away when not needed, while the lack of a conventional grille and new air vents up front apparently ‘greatly’ improve the air flow. That vent section on the bonnet also doubles as a solar panel to direct a little extra juice back into the battery.

The interior is very concept-like – expect it to be watered down for production. In good news though there are heaps of recycled materials including recycled fishing nets used for the floor, recycled plastic bottles for the seats and vegan leather for much of the trim. The infotainment screen is a 27-inch unit and the single-spoke steering wheel looks massively futuristic. 

This or the Hyundai SEVEN?

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