The Hyundai SEVEN concept previews a future Ioniq SUV

By topgear, 19 November 2021

Hyundai has unveiled the SEVEN concept (their caps lock, not ours) at the LA Auto Show, and the first thing to note is that it previews an upcoming EV SUV that you’ll actually be able to buy. That’ll be called the Ioniq 7, although we'd wager that you'd worked that out already.

So, what will make it through to production? Well, the SEVEN concept is based on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform that also underpins the Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6.

Expect a slightly longer wheelbase than those two though to take the 7 into the class above – it’ll be a full-sized SUV rather than a crossover. Hyundai says that the concept gets over 480km of range and 350kW fast charging, which is entirely plausible for the production car too.

The flat floor means the designers have pretty much free rein on top, and they’ve really gone to town with the LEDs. That face is heavily inspired by the Staria MPV (which is no bad thing) and the long bonnet/chunky wheelarches look strong.

Not sure that massive glass panel at the rear will pass stringent safety standards, though, and the ‘active air flaps’ in the alloy wheels that deploy to improve aero and retract to cool the brakes may not be available when you’re having a play on the Hyundai configurator.

The interior is where things get really concept-y for now. Forget the suicide doors, you know you’re in trouble when the press release refers to the cockpit as “an innovative living space on wheels”.

A retractable ‘control stick’ replaces the steering wheel, and seating is made up of two armchairs, what looks like a foot stool and a corner sofa. There’s a mini fridge in the back too, plus ambient lighting in the doors and a ‘shoe-care compartment’ that’ll apparently refresh your footwear on the move. Interesting.

The concept’s panoramic roof doubles as an OLED screen that can set “the overall interior atmosphere to guarantee maximum relaxation and pleasure during the journey". Yikes. 

There’s also a covid-spec Hygiene Airflow System that apparently takes its inspiration from passenger aircraft, and every time you get out of the car it’ll sterilise its surfaces using ultra-violet light. 

STORY Greg Potts

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