Here's the most powerful Ruf ever built, the 380km/h Ruf CTR3 Evo

By topgear, 24 August 2023

Here's the most powerful Ruf ever built, the 380km/h Ruf CTR3 Evo

Ruf humbly notes how its new CTR3 Evo builds upon its predecessor’s already bombastic output and “pushes it further into the realms of supercar performance”. We’d proffer it pushes it further into the realms of outer space.

Because this 236mph mid-engined rocketship now produces even more power, making it the most powerful Ruf supercar ever built. Which, if you know Ruf, is quite a feat.

The 3.8-litre flat-six twin-turbo engine from the CTR3 Clubsport has been tweaked, upping power from 777hp to 800hp, while torque also rises to 990Nm.

It’s a water-cooled unit, fitted with an aluminium block and cylinder heads, and gets a tonne of fancy tech to ensure it’ll punch you into the stratosphere.

It’s mated to a seven-speed double clutch gearbox sending its many horses to the rear wheels of course. Ruf quotes a 0-100km/h time of 3.2secs, 0-200km/h in 9.2s and of course, that massive top speed (unchanged from the Clubsport).

The CTR3 Evo carries the Clubsport’s bespoke steel chassis over, together with Ruf’s integrated roll cage that, says Ruf, “makes the CTR3 Evo highly agile in the corners”.

One suspects it’ll be “highly sideways” should you deploy full throttle around said corner on a circuit. It features lots of stability management, mind, along with a hydraulic lift system for dealing with pesky speedbumps and the like.

The chassis and powertrain are wrapped in a carbon composite body that Ruf says pays homage to “sports prototypes of the past” but featuring modern aero.

As such, there are air intakes on the rear arches, a new front spoiler, new mirrors with improved aero, a revised rear diffuser and of course, an automatic rear wing.

It rides on 19in front / 20in rear forged light alloys wheels hiding six-piston calieprs and 380mm perforated ceramic composite brakes. So getting it down from 380km/h shouldn’t be an issue.

Because this is a Ruf, there are analogue dials inside, complete with the central rev counter, while the cabin is wrapped fully in leather. Further concessions to its Very Serious Business can be found in the Kevlar / carbon bucket seats, six-point harnesses, Alcantara headlining, on board fire extinguisher and lightweight door panels.

No word on price, but how much do space shuttles go for these days?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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