Here’s the prototype Polestar 5 four-door GT

By topgear, 16 June 2022

Here’s the prototype Polestar 5 four-door GT

This is the Polestar 5, but it also isn’t. It is, because it actually is, but it’s not the finished thing as you can probably tell. It’s a prototype, set for a weekend of fun runs up the Goodwood hillclimb at the upcoming Festival of Speed.

'What’s a Polestar 5?' you might cry. It’ll be an “electric performance four-door GT” that will showcase the company’s design, tech and sustainability future. Essentially a very fast, very big business card for Polestar.

We know little of the incoming 5, other than it’ll be based around a bonded aluminium platform apparently stiffer than a traditional two-seat sports or supercar, that it’ll be fast, that it’ll arrive in 2024 and – judging by today’s new pics – that it will have an inside.

Goodwood FoS visitors will be given an early opportunity to poke around the new 5, because it’ll be on display in the ‘First Glance’ paddock. It’ll also be hustled up the hill “several” times during the weekend.

Before the 5, we’ll see the (spoiler alert!) Polestar 4, which is a small electric SUV. Before the 4 comes the Polestar 3 which is a slightly larger electric SUV. Quite a bit of work to get through, then, but then Polestar’s on a mission to launch one new car every year.

“Goodwood is our favourite place to show our cars in an enthusiast environment,” said Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath. “Our UK R&D team is doing an amazing job developing the car and we are proud to be able to highlight their hard work at this early stage.”

TEXT Vijay Pattni

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