Here’s your first look at the G82 BMW M4’s new face

By topgear, 21 August 2020

Soon, you will fully see the brand new BMW M3 and BMW M4 Coupe. Before you fully see them, you can semi see at least one of them now.

BMW has released some pictures of the M4 Coupe and M4 GT3 racer, which gives us an opportunity to see the 4’s brand new face. And gawp at how ludicrous the GT3 racer looks. 

Clearly these are prototype pictures. And whatever conclusions you find yourself at regarding said face, know this first: behind the new grille will sit a ‘high-revving’ 3.0-litre straight-six turbo engine, developing either 480hp or 510hp in Competition form. Good.

You’ll also get the option of a proper six-speed manual gearbox (yay for self-shifting!) or an eight-speed M automatic gearbox, and the boss of BMW M has said that the M4 (and its M3 sibling) was developed in parallel with the M4 GT3 racing car. Very Good.

So… it’ll be pointy, and fast, and likely able to hold lurid drifts. The latter is basically an M Car Commandment.

Both this and the M3 sedan will be revealed next month, at which point you can fully see them.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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