Hold on to your plaid: Lucid’s gone full stealth

By topgear, 10 August 2022

Hold on to your plaid: Lucid’s gone full stealth

Things that require stealth: sneaking out of the nursery after finally getting your baby to sleep. Getting home three hours and five beers after you said you would. Also probably something to do with submarines.

But do we need it in cars? Erm, possibly not. At least from a safety perspective, going full Rolling Stones on a car and painting everything black is a great way to find yourself forming an integral part of an impromptu (and rather tasteless) T-bone.

OK, so there are a hundred ways to cause a crash before we even get to car colour, but all the things that look great in photos – dark-painted wheels, bumpers, roof pillars, wheels, door trims and mirror caps – are an extra way to blend into the road. Which makes the fact that Lucid has called its styling pack the ‘Stealth Look’ one of those extra-accurate titles.

Just to be clear, we think it’s easily the best-looking version of the Air, which probably has quite a bit to do with the fact that it’s not your average afterthought option. “From its inception,” says Senior VP of Design Derek Jenkins, “Lucid Air was designed for two distinct looks”, i.e. the brighter one you’ve already seen and the other side of the coin you’re seeing now.

And to be fair, if you genuinely required a stealthy car, rolling along in total darkness and near silence in a jet-black electric car (with the lights off, naturally) would probably fit the bill.

TEXT Craig Jamieson

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