Lotus Emeya : Porsche Taycan rival's name revealed

By topgear, 30 August 2023

Lotus Emeya : Porsche Taycan rival's name revealed

Emeya. Sounds like the eyebrow-raising name of your slightly strange friends’ second daughter. But no, this is what we will be calling Lotus’s new Porsche Taycan rival, known up ‘til now as the Type 133.

The full car will be revealed on 7 September, but for now we’ve got very little to go on: previous intel confirmed this would be a four-door GT, with exec director of Lotus Cars Europe Niels de Gruijter telling TG earlier this month that the design was signed off and that sales would begin in 2024.

It follows a turbulent period for Lotus which has seen the launch of the Emira sportscar and Eletre SUV, delays to its Evija hypercar, big financial losses in 2022 but record-breaking order books that promise to smash the brand’s best production numbers.

It wants to be shifting 150,000 cars annually by 2028, a lofty target when you think it sold just 567 last year.

Anything to be made from the shadowy teasers above? The headlight signature is pretty clear, featuring a double line design that’s a departure from the Eletre’s single sweep of LEDs.

We can also make out (boosted images provided above for your convenience) cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors and the fact that the rear brake light is a single, full-width element housed inside a recessed tailgate. A Lotus promo video gives away a pop-up rear spoiler too. 

Reckon the Emeya can unseat the Taycan, folks?

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