Monstrously spacious Skoda Superb gets even MORE space

By topgear, 31 July 2023

Monstrously spacious Skoda Superb Combi gets even MORE space

A fourth-generation Skoda Superb is coming. Skoda tells us it’s updated the technology and styling. And it’s made the thing even more spacious.

At this point, we suspect Doctor Who may start making enquiries on part-exchanging the Tardis for the capacious Superb Estate. But, we won't get to know more until the Superb officially debuts in November.

We do, however, have a selection of camo-ed prototype shots and generously disclosed info from the brand on what to expect.

Styling-wise, the tail lights have been slimmed down and they’ve been given some fancy tech. There’s also going to be a choice of headlights – one of which includes ‘crystallinium’, which sounds very, er, made-up. But apparently creates an aesthetically pleasing jewelled look. Nice.

The car has grown. The model is 22 years old, and this latest iteration sees an increase of 40mm for the estate and 43mm for the hatchback in length. Oliver Stefani, head of design at Skoda reckons it makes the car more elegant.

Though both lose 15mm in width, they're both also fractionally taller, allowing for more front-seat headroom.

There’s going to be a wide range of powertrains on offer, too. Three 2.0-litre petrol, two 2.0-litre diesels, a 1.5-litre mild hybrid – for the first time – and a plug-in hybrid complete the bill.

The latter is now capable of 100+ km of pure electric range, with its bigger 25.7kWh battery (up from 12.7kWh) but it’ll only be available on the Estate variant.

All powertrains have been coupled with a DSG automatic transmission. The cooling module also gets a boost from 800W to 1200W, helping to reduce aero drag and improve performance.

The brand has integrated 28 (!) of its thoughtful 'Simply Clever' conveniences features. The extensive list includes well-stowed ice-scrapers, umbrellas, handy tablet holders and ‘an integrated funnel for washer fluid’ – blimey.

The interior layout has changed, so the gearshift is mounted on the steering column. Skoda reckons that ensures more space in the centre console for driver comfort.

There’s going to be a 12.9in infotainment display and (of course) a raft of additional driver assist features, such as Turn Assist and Predictive Cyclist Protection.

Since the word 'uncluttered' echoes in the release, expect a dollop of minimalism in the cabin design, too. But no pics, so apply your imagination until November.


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