Mugen has tuned the adorable Honda S660

By topgear, 29 August 2020

Adorable kei car news from Japan! This is a Honda S660 modified by Mugen, and we need little else in our lives. Any possessions that won’t fit in its diminutive storage areas aren’t worth hanging onto. Let’s call it the Marie Kondo car.

As a kei car – and thus limited to 660cc of engine capacity and a 63bhp peak output – Mugen hasn’t suddenly thrown a ginormous turbo at it and freed up proper Boxster-bashing performance. Rather it’s given the already striking S660 a further does of aesthetic aggression and a bit more dynamic edge.

A new set of bumpers and side skirts are made from vacuum-formed plastic, while there’s a rear spoiler (of probably negligible aero benefit) and a set of forged alloy wheels, staggered in size and measuring 15in up front, 16in at the rear. It’s like it’s a baby supercar. Cute.

There’s also a new, rortier exhaust poking coquettishly out of its racier diffuser (again, we suspect that brings marginal gains) and a set of Yamaha performance dampers for sharper handling. It really is trying hard, this little roadster.

STORY Stephen Dobie

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