Nissan reveals the Hyper Punk, a new (concept) crossover

By topgear, 20 October 2023

Nissan reveals the Hyper Punk, a new (concept) crossover

Nissan has revealed a new electric crossover, which seems like a logical step for a massive car company that already makes electric crossovers. But this is no ordinary electric crossover because the new Nissan ‘Hyper Punk’ can read your mood and display high-res manga inside the cockpit.

It’s a concept car of course, the fourth in a series of EVs Nissan intends on displaying at next week’s Japan Mobility Show. And this one’s built for artists.

As such, there's a suite of onboard cameras able to take nice pictures of the scenery around the car, which are then fed through the car’s AI, converted into manga and projected inside via a 3D display.

There’s more. The internet connection is said to be “seamless”, allowing occupants to connect their devices and creative equipment to make stuff on the go.

Need some inspiration? The AI and biosensors mounted in the headrests can sense your mood, and can thus change the music and ambient lighting “boosting driver’s energy and creativity”.

Nissan has certainly been creative with the exterior, which features a mass of angles and polygons and – no, those aren’t triangular wheels, just triangular patterns on 23in wheels. Nissan knows that cars need round shapes in the arches to move.

Just how fast and far the Hyper Punk moves hasn’t been revealed, Nissan saying only that it’s electric, and that it’s capable of both city and off-roading.

STORY Vijay Pattni

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