Nothing will ever stop the special edition MX-5s

By topgear, 27 April 2020

There may be a global ‘thing’ currently throwing all we know and love into disarray, but there’s one thing – like the cockroaches – that will never be defeated. The special edition Mazda MX-5 will never be stopped.

The latest is this R-Sport, and japery aside, we really like it. Grey on red has been a firm TG favourite since the launch of the Ferrari 550 Maranello, and this wee Five carries off the look wonderfully. Albeit named Polymetal on Burgundy in Mazda speak. Of course. You get a newly grey soft-top roof, too.

Indeed, this is the MX-5 in its lightest, purest spec. No flipping hard-top here, and the R-Sport only comes with the roadster’s dinkiest engine: a 130bhp 1.5-litre operated via a 6spd manual gearbox. The fancy Rays alloy wheels are a weeny 16 inches, too.

It’s well specced inside, mind, with CarPlay, heated seats and cruise and climate control. But then it should be, considering the slight premium over a base MX-5. So you ought to be pretty keen on its colour scheme to go for it. And if you’re not? Well, as these stories usually sign off, there’ll be another special edition along any day now…

STORY Stephen Dobie

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