Polestar 2 Debuts In Singapore. First Car Here Set To Be A Companion, Not A Rival To The Tesla Model 3. Really?

By Clifford Chow, 09 December 2021

Singapore - Volvo offshoot Polestar, appoints Wearnes Automotive to be their exclusive partner, and debuts their first vehicle here, the Polestar 2.

Unlike the Polestar 1, which utilised parent company Volvo's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) (which incidentally ended production just weeks earlier), the Polestar 2 is built on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), intended for Volvo’s smaller sized vehicles, like the XC40.

The Polestar 2, a four-door fastback, has Volvo parent design cues tossed into it, including  “Thor’s Hammer” DRLs, and angular C-shaped rear window frames, consistent with the latter’s current design language. The “Volvo-ness'' also extends to the interior, with familiar open pore wood panels placed among materials and switchgear that would feel right at home in an S60. This also means that the Polestar 2 channels the same principles of practicality you would find in Volvo cars, for instance, like a large boot with a built-in partition, allowing you to split your cargo.

The infotainment system runs on Google’s Android Automotive, which Volvo has also recently adopted. Other technological goodies include a bluetooth encrypted digital key which can respond to 18 different bluetooth sensors around the car.

Interestingly, Polestar executives during the launch, mentiond that the Polestar 2 is not competition to the Tesla Model 3, but rather a “‘companion’... really? Well both cars are distinctively different. The Polestar 2 is raised and has those protective fender bits… meaning you get crossover cred for the street and the softer road. Polestar claim that their intent is not to convert Tesla customers, but rather to convince current ICE car owners to make the switch… really?

There will be three Polestar 2 models available. A Long Range Single motor is the current entry car, with an indicative price at press time of $214,000. The top-of-the-line Long Range Dual motor model will retail for approximately $240,000. There is also a Performance Pack available for the latter, which sets you back $16,000, that adds Brembo 4-piston brakes and Öhlins Dual Flow Valve (DFV) manually adjustable dampers to the mix. Both cars will be available this Saturday.

A more pocket-friendly Standard Range model will be available in Q1 2022.

Customers will be able to visit the temporary Polestar Space, located at Wearnes Tower at 45 Leng Kee Road, while a permanent showroom will be opened in early 2022, at the same location.

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