Rimac is launching its rival to the Tesla Powerwall and Megapack

By topgear, 11 May 2023

Rimac is launching its rival to the Tesla Powerwall and Megapack

To paraphrase the Bible and the Book of Genesis: “In the beginning, Mate Rimac created an electric E30 BMW 3 Series and Rimac Automobili.”

It was in 2009 that Rimac first setup his car company, and 14 years later the Rimac Group is now an absolute behemoth, while Mate has found himself a second job as the boss of Bugatti. Not bad.

And the Croatian firm continues to grow, because Rimac Technology has now spawned another company called Rimac Energy, which it says will “leverage its expertise in making market defining electric vehicle technology to create the next generation of stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS)".

Now, you may know ESS from the Tesla Powerwall and Megapack, with the former being a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for private homes and the latter a monstrous system for commercial uses. 

Rimac Energy says that it will start with ‘commercial & industrial applications’ by producing ‘utility-scale’ battery packs. There’s no specific detail on the resulting ESSs, but we’re told that it “reduces efficiency losses by up to 50 per cent whilst decreasing the system footprint by up to 40 per cent compared to current state-of-the-art solutions". SHOTS FIRED.

Pilot systems will apparently be in place in 2024, before mass production kicks off in Croatia in 2025.

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