The 2022 Hyundai Casper is a very friendly crossover

By topgear, 04 September 2021

The crossovers never stop. Just when we thought ‘SUV’ had been distilled into its smallest possible size, along comes another dinkier, more urban-focused faux-by-four to prove us wrong.

But how could we be mad when it looks this ickle and cute? This is the Hyundai Casper, and never mind friendly ghosts; this is the friendly face of weeny crossovering.

There’s more than a hint of Suzuki Ignis about it from some angles, but that’s no bad thing at all. And the Casper has its own unique take on the ‘teeny tank’ look thanks to those huge circular lights up front.

Naturally Hyundai couldn’t resist placing a white sheet over the car with those bulbs lit to give the Casper a ghoulish reveal online…

It joins the Hyundai Staria minivan and Hyundai Santa Cruz pick-up – as well as the European-market Tucson SUV and N-badged hot hatches – on a now implausibly long list of desirable Hyundais.

Sure, the Korean brand’s ascent is no great shock anymore, but the simple fact we’re coveting a dinky SUV is proof its design department is on a roll and a half.

Based on the same platform as the Hyundai i10 city car, little 1.0- and 1.2-litre engines will drive its front wheels, and you can expect 100hp or less from all of them. Which is fine in a car likely to weigh less than a tonne.

STORY Stephen Dobie

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