This is an 815hp electric ode to the Audi Sport Quattro

By topgear, 30 June 2021

This is no restomod. It’s actually an all-new, carbon-tubbed EV supercar that just happens to be inspired by the Audi Sport Quattro. We wonder how long it’ll be until Audi’s lawyers are on the phone?

If any legal people at Audi are reading, the company you’re currently desperately looking for is called E-Legend AG and they’re based in Beilngries, Bavaria. Let’s hope the ‘snitches get stitches’ rule doesn’t apply in the automotive industry.

Anyway, here at TG we’re rather excited by what E-Legend is doing. It’s calling this wide-arched creation the EL1, and the carbon monocoque and CFRP panels mean it weighs 1,680 kilograms, despite having a large 90kWh battery and 815hp being sent to all four wheels. 

A prototype will apparently be ready in early 2022, at which point it’ll manage a 0-100km/h time of 2.8 seconds and a range of 400km. Top speed will be 255km/h and it’ll rapid charge at speeds of up to 150kW. E-Legend also reckons it’ll manage two flat-out laps of the Nürburgring without the battery limiting your available power. 

E-Legend has been founded by designer Marcus Holzinger, but there seems to be a strong focus on performance to match the stunning looks. There’ll also be three-way adjustable sports suspension, normal and sport modes for the powertrain and a high performance braking system. For those wondering, the EL1 will also be completely road legal. 

Just 30 examples will be built in total, with each one assembled by hand and costing (we hope you’re sitting down) €890,000 before tax. Yikes!

The Quattro-style EL1 won’t be the only rally-inspired E-Legend, though. Two more models will follow (likely to be called EL2 and EL3), one of which is rumoured to be a Lancia Stratos as an original was present at the company’s recent launch.

What do we think, Internet? Superb or sacrilegious?

STORY Greg Potts

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