This is Renault’s upcoming hydrogen concept

By topgearsingapore, 22 February 2022

This is Renault’s upcoming hydrogen concept

Renault has released a teaser image of an upcoming concept car, and although that may not sound very newsworthy at first glance, this could be quite an exciting thing…

You see, the one detail that Renault has let slip is that this as-yet nameless being will feature a hydrogen engine – not the electric powertrain that we’ve become used to seeing in Renault’s visions of the future. Are plans changing? All we know for now is that Renault says: “This concept car is part of the company's recently announced objective of achieving a 100 per cent electric energy mix by 2030.”

Renault also says that the concept (which does look a little SUV-like to us) will use recycled and recyclable materials. Surely those thin-looking wing-mirrors will be cameras rather than real glass, too?

Anyway, the final concept will be revealed in May this year. Reckon it’s a good idea, folks?

TEXT Greg Potts

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