This is the new 657bhp Lamborghini Urus Performante

By topgear, 22 August 2022

This is the new 657bhp Lamborghini Urus Performante

This is the new and improved Lamborghini Urus Performante, and the first thing to note is that it has already broken the record for the fastest SUV to complete the famous Pikes Peak hill climb.

It’s almost a shame that Pikes Peak is paved these days, though, because one of the headline updates for this Performante is a new dirt track-honed, oversteery Rally mode. Yep, you can now take your Urus off-road... at speed. We implore all Urus Performante buyers to do this immediately upon taking delivery. In fact, we’ve already given said Rally mode a go with a drive in a camouflaged Performante prototype at the Nardo proving ground in Italy.

So, what else is new? Well, the Mansory-esque looks are thanks to sharp new bumpers front and rear, a new rear spoiler, MASSIVE optional 22- or 23-inch wheels and the (also optional) exposed carbon-fibre bonnet. Not subtle is it? Then again, when was the last time you met a subtle Urus driver? And when was the last time you saw one that wasn’t wearing a private registration plate?

Anyway, that’s a whole different kettle of fish we’re looking at there. Back to the Performante. It’s not just the bonnet that’s made from carbon. In fact, the Urus has been on a diet that sees it shed 47kg in total. The bumpers, roof, wheelarches, diffuser, front splitter and the protruding roof spoiler are all made from the lightweight weave, with the newly designed bits increasing overall downforce by eight per cent while also managing to cut drag. Impressive. 

However, we live in a world inspired by The Andrea True Connection philosophy of 'More, More, More', so of course the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 has had its wick turned up. Sensibly, though. Power increases by 16bhp to 657bhp, with torque remaining at 627lb ft but the 0–62mph time dropping to a frankly preposterous 3.3 seconds. Worth remembering that, despite the Weight Watchers programme, this is still a 2,150kg SUV. 

There are more hardware changes from the standard Urus though. The air suspension has been swapped out for stiffer steel springs combined with adaptive dampers. That drops the ride height by 20mm, with the track widened by 16mm. The new carbon bumpers mean the Performante is 25mm longer than the original Urus too. There’s a new diff to better distribute the torque, the steering has been recalibrated for more feel and Lamborghini says the rear-wheel steering is quicker to react. A shouty titanium Akrapovič exhaust now comes as standard and there’s fresh trim, new stitching and many carbon fibre options inside.  

The Performante is far from just a simple facelift, then. Which is lucky given that prices will start at £204,312. Sounds like a lot, but remember this is the car that funds the development of Lambo’s Aventador and Huracán successors, so we should all get out there and buy one right away. Just make sure you take it on a rally stage one day…

TEXT Greg Potts

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