This is the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class’s interior

By topgear, 16 August 2020

Welcome, everyone, to the interior of the new Mercedes S-Class. Yep, it’s still a little while before we see the whole car, but Merc has followed-up its tease of its flagship’s new 12.8-inch touchscreen with a look at the dashboard that houses it.

So, what do you reckon? We already know that Merc is moving away from actual buttons (“as many buttons as necessary, as few as possible”), so it’s no surprise to see the new S-Class contains very few of them indeed. We’re told the “generous” sense of space and “revolutionary” design of the cabin help create a “feel-good ambience with lounge character”. The result, says Benz, is a “third space”, a “refuge between home and workplace”.

The outgoing S-Class is not an uncomfortable thing – hell, it remains one of the most comfortable cars on sale – but Mercedes nevertheless claims it’s managed to move the game on in every way.

Highlights include up to five screens, around 250 LEDs that do more than just illuminate the cabin (they flash red if you drift out of your lane on the motorway, for example) and an enhanced ‘Energising Comfort’ system that’s supposed to keep the driver and passengers in tip-top shape, ready and alert.

More as we have it.

STORY Tom Harrison

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