What do you make of this Porsche Taycan with added carbon bits?

By topgear, 09 November 2020

Remember Norwegian firm Zyrus Engineering? They’re the folk behind that 1,200bhp, bare carbonfibre Lamborghini Huracán racer unveiled earlier this year. They’re making 12 of those bonkers things road legal too. Excellent stuff.

During the pandemic, though, the LP1200 project had to take a back seat. That gave Zyrus’ rather talented carbon fibre makers some spare time, and a customer apparently used that time to request a styling package for their new Porsche Taycan 4S.

Check out the result in the images above. Good looking thing isn’t it? 

The full kit is now being made available for sale, with the 14 pieces costing around £11,600. Unfortunately that doesn’t include those brilliant OZ Racing wheels, but it does bring a rear spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper, a front spoiler and much more. Alternatively, Zyrus is also offering the rear spoiler alone for €1,700 (or just over £1,500).

What do we think, Internet?

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