Will the three-row, seven-seat Toyota Highlander come to Singapore?

By topgear, 11 May 2020

Say hello to the new Toyota Highlander. It’s been available in the US, Japan and so-on since 2000, but will this latest version (revealed at last year’s New York Motor Show) go on sale in Singapore?

How big we talking? Well it’s got seven seats, a little over 1,900 litres of luggage space with the second- and third-rows of seats folded and is roughly as long as a Land Rover Discovery.

So yes, quite big. It’s actually longer than the Land Cruiser, making the Highlander the biggest Toyota you can buy that isn’t a van.

The Highlander is based on Toyota’s ‘GA-K’ platform, which also underpins the Camry and RAV-4, and will only be available as a hybrid.

A 2.5-litre petrol engine is augmented by a couple of electric motors, one of which is mounted on the rear axle for all-wheel drive.

Toyota claims 6.6l/100km and 146g/km – not half bad for an SUV of this size. With 245hp it won’t exactly be quick, but it shouldn’t be unbearably slow either.

Tech highlights will include a digital rear-view mirror, wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, MANY USB ports and all the latest active safety tech. How very sensible.

STORY Tom Harrison

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