The Land Rover Discovery SVX is dead

By topgear, 22 February 2019

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Hardcore off-road spec’ Land Rover Disco won’t make production after all. Boo

Bad news from JLR – like the three-door Rangie, the Land Rover Discovery SVX isn’t going into production after all.

Revealed at 2017’s Frankfurt Motor Show and built by the company’s Special Vehicle Operations division, the SVX was a Disco with the wick turned right up. We’re talking a 5.0-litre, 525hp V8, some very serious suspension and chunky Goodyear tyres, among other things.

(Click HERE to find out more about the SVX)

SVO already builds fast (badged SVR) and luxury (SVA) versions of existing JLR products, but this was to be its first SVX (off-road).

In a statement, Land Rover said it had “taken the decision not to introduce a V8 powertrain to the Discovery product family,” meaning “the Discovery SVX Concept revealed in 2017 will not be going into production”.

It did, however, say it’s “investigating opportunities to bring Land Rover vehicles with enhanced all-terrain capability to market in the future,” meaning there’s hope yet for an SVX-badged Landie. The new Defender would be the obvious choice, no?

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