Behind the scenes at the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2019

By benchia, 06 October 2019

The Singapore Grand Prix has built up a reputation over the years as more than just a race. It is a full-blown party every September that celebrates this country, as well as all that is good and wonderful about the highly-engineered racing machines that captivate racing enthusiasts the world over.

Aside from the main Formula One race, the Singapore Grand Prix weekend is also host to a number of support races that take place all through the weekend, ensuring that there’s plenty of racing action to go round for the racing fans that throng the Marina Bay Street Circuit every year.

One of the support races at the Singapore Grand Prix is the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, which sees drivers compete in 911 GT3 Cup cars that are not that far removed from the ones you can buy and drive every day on the roads.

It’s as close to a level playing field as you can get in racing, and this makes for very exciting competition as seasoned veterans often share podiums with up-and-coming upstarts looking to break into motorsport.

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