Change Our Mind #1: all sportscars should be painted green

By topgear, 24 March 2020

A quick challenge for you: name a new-ish sportscar that doesn’t work in green.

Hah! You can’t, can you? You’ve immediately defaulted to ‘Ferraris are designed in red’, but you can’t deny even the state-of-the-art SF90 Stradale would look sublime in Verde Pino.

A dark-green GTC4 Lusso with tan leather? Nurse!

And lest we forget, Jay Kay’s Kermit-skinned LaFerrari was a memorable corker. Verde British could even make us lust after a Portofino. Just.

Porsche? Even the company itself decided the millionth 911 built should be green. Case closed. ‘Mr 918 Spyder’ himself Frank-Stefan Walliser chose green paintwork for his personal 911 R. Case double-closed.

Lambo and McLaren have always done a nice line in oranges or yellow, but green – whether a lurid highlighter shade or a classy darker hue – is the thinking supercar buyers’ choice. It’s somehow less ‘look-at-me’, more ‘admire this in reverence’.

STORY Ollie Kew

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