Check out these glorious classic car simulators

By topgear, 04 October 2020

What does one do if they desperately want that feeling of being able to drive the world’s rarest and most coveted classic cars, but they aren’t blessed with a garage – or wallet – as big as Jay Leno’s? 

Well, for those that come close to Mr Leno in economic stature, there’ll soon be the TCCT eClassic Racing Club and its two compatible simulators. 

These aren’t just any simulators, though, these are state-of-the-art classic car sims built by Swiss company Racing Unleashed and designed by Zagato and Pininfarina respectively. Woof – there’s a name drop for you. Stunning things aren’t they?

Each features three pedals (of course), a wooden steering wheel, three HD screens, a Logitech sound system and hydraulics that replicate the movement of almost any classic from the 1950s, 60s or 70s. 

No price has been announced yet, but we’re assured that they’ll sit “at the top of the market” when they launch early next year. Guess we’ll be sticking to Forza, then.

STORY Greg Potts

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