TeeGee’s Picks for Christmas Gifting is Here!

By Clifford Chow, 06 December 2022

TeeGee’s Picks for Christmas Gifting is Here!

Singapore - Christmas is around the corner, Santa is drunk, and has again gone down the wrong pipe with his favourite elf. On the radio, there’s nothing more Singaporean than ‘Merry Christmas Singapore’ by Culture Vulture & Friends. 

So I guess by now, you may have a fuzzy mental note on who gets a gift, based on who's done naughty or nice to you.

But whatever it is, we at Top Gear Singapore believe that there is no better merch than car merch. So, we have made you a list of gift ideas, and have checked it twice… just for you.


The Audi Baseball Cap is available in three colours, and made from lightly brushed cotton twill. Good for the great outdoors, and a great accessory for a good drive.

Possibly your little one’s very first Audi. The Audi Stroller may not have the brand’s signature quattro all-wheel drive, but it does an excellent job of handling your most precious cargo. It has adjustable (just about) everything for possibly the most comfortable ride, and stows away in just a few clicks.


Now you can proudly tell the world that you are a true BMW fanboy with BMW’s 50 Jahre BMW M backpack. There is space for plenty, thanks to organiser pockets, and even a place for your notebook.

Puma kids crewneck BMW M Motorsport Car T-Shirt, featuring artwork depicting the BMW 3.0 CSL. Get the young'uns acquainted with a Nürburgring legend, and six-time European champion.

Sizes are available in 116, 128, 140, 152 and 160.


Capturing the essence of the MINI brand, the MINI graphic duffle bag is made of water repellent waxed canvas - great for an active you, and a perfect companion for those urban adventures.

The newest addition to MINI’s mobility range is… a scooter! Scoot far… scoot safe! The kick scooter glides with super large wheels, and is made from lightweight aluminium. Its classic Chilli Red paint coat makes it simply a thing of beauty (just like how a MINI would be), be it on the go, or even if you choose to have it on static display.


Grocery shopping, or picnicking… your choice!

Skoda’s folding shopping basket is an ideal lightweight and robust addition to your vehicle… be it if you own a Skoda, or even if you don’t.

The basket compacts neatly, so that it stows easily out of the way. Great when you plan to bring along that cheeseboard and some wine for a picnic.

Extend the joy of owning something ‘Simply Clever’ to your kids this Christmas! The Skoda Ride on car Fabia is the ideal gift for your 1-4 year-old. 

It even has its very own ‘Simply Clever’ touch of four audio signals on the steering wheel. Built to last, be rest assured that it will (withstand years of use and abuse) provide ‘Simply Clever’ driving fun for years to come.


May your cup… or that of your friend’s runneth over with joy this season! Volkswagen’s Heritage Collection enamelled mug set is a great gift for those who love things of old.  

The retro looking mugs, come as a complimenting pair, featuring Beetle and T1 motifs.

For the kids, and those who are kids at-heart. The Heritage Collection T1 Camper from Playmobil, brings camping fun home! The T1 comes with two figures, and a whole list of essential camping goodies! Think of the possibilities!


IKYK, most of us cannot afford a McLaren Senna GTR, but how about a Lego Technic version of the car? The Lego version consists of 830 pieces, and even has opening doors, and other cool bits which work!

Well, you'd already know that...

The Lego Technic Formula E Porsche 99X Electric even comes with its own Augmented Reality Experience!

The 422 piece kit can be raced on a circuit of your choice… all you need for added fun is your mobile device, and yeah... go on and choose your road surfaces... carpet, marble, parquet, your partner's back...

So to whoever it is, naughty or nice.

From all of us at Top Gear Singapore, we wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

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