20+ dogs in cars to help take your mind off things

By topgear, 24 March 2020

Cars and dogs. We’re 99 per cent sure that this ancient relationship stretches as far back as the very dawn of time itself. Indeed, Greek historian Herodotus – considered the ‘father of history’ – famously never said how the boot floor of a Land Rover Discovery was the perfect shape and size for a muddy Labrador.

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And thus, in these troubled, taxing times, we bring you glorious examples of how all our Very Best Friends have accompanied us in cars.

It’s the content we all need right now. Click forth into a wholesome, fluffy world of joy and possibly a fair bit of slobber.

STORY Vijay Pattni

As you can see, this Good Dog is clearly enthused about the return of a British icon – the all-new Land Rover Defender. That, or someone’s eating a sausage just out of shot.

‘Yes, I’m aware that McLarens all use a similar carbon tub, but are you aware that I’m adorable?’

It is a proven fact that the only thing able to tame Godzilla is a Good Dog.

'Singapore Special' is a special breed of street dogs that needs homes. VW Caddy takes them on a well-deserved doggy day out...

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Ryuuichi is really smart... but is the prize-winning Shiba Inu smart enough to drive the Volvo V90?

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‘I agree with your contention that - though supernaturally amazing - the McLaren 720S could perhaps do with a bit more drama. Also, WAS THAT A BALL YES IT WAS A BALL OH GOD I NEED THE BALL’

It's hard to tempt the doggos out of the Citan...

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PHOTO Jimmy Oh

Clearly, this Good Dog is a fan of the GTI’s tartan interior. Either that, or – again – someone’s eating something off screen.

This, friends, is what you would call ‘Life Goals’. (Also we’re aware that this Very Good Boy is ‘on’ the car, not ‘in’ the car. But try telling him that.)

‘Yes, yes, you’ve made your point - the Hyundai i30N is a great hot hatch. Can you rub my belly now please?’

This is a Nissan pet carrier. As you can see, it is carrying a pet. We’re not entirely convinced said pet is sold on the idea.

Proof that Golden Retrievers make literally everything better. Even a Citroen Berlingo Multispace.

A Subaru. A Good Dog. A field. It all just… fits.

‘No no NO! You’re supposed to be operating the floor things, and do this circle thing!’

‘I’m fully aware that legislation will soon make V8 and V12 engines a thing of the past. Take me to the nearest park, I need to run around in circles like an absolute maniac until I feel better.’

‘What’s that? You promise you’ll stop saying ‘it handles like it’s on rails’ forever? Joy!’

‘No please, tell me more stories about how your 20-year old hot hatch can outrun Lamborghinis! I love hearing them, almost as much as I love you!’

‘Somebody order a Best Friend’?

‘Wait, why am I still in this box when I’m OUTSIDE THE HOUSE? Oh well, I still love you.’

A Very Good Dog, here very much enthused about the level of craftsmanship and joy a Rolls-Royce brings.

Fully aware of the various pitfalls running an entirely excellent V10 BMW estate brings, this Very Good Dog still loves it. And you.

Goodness, this Very Good Dog is a MOOD.

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