Waste a whole day on the Ferrari Roma configurator

By topgear, 22 April 2020

Any plans for today? Thought not. Worry no more, because Ferrari has your back. Click these blue words and you’ll be taken to its new configurator for the Roma, which should kill a good few hours until you’re tagged in another Facebook challenge.

But first, a quick recap on Ferrari’s new front-engined GT. Said engine is the same 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 as seen in the Portofino, although in the Roma it’s pumped up to produce 620hp at 7,500rpm. The gearbox is the SF90 Stradale’s 8spd dual-clutcher and a five-stage Manettino system with Side Slip Control keeps the rear wheels in check if you want it to.

Ferrari does say it’s a proper GT though. There’s a 272-litre boot and even two rear seats. Although the configurator’s 360-degree interior view has given us our best glimpse yet at the total lack of legroom. No surprises there.

The configurator offers a 360-degree exterior view of the Roma too. Which is great for inspecting both your dream and disaster specs. Although if you’re actually in a position to buy one you might need to be careful with Ferrari’s infamous options list.

Here it features things like exterior carbon components, glossy ‘brilliant silver’ wheels, forged wheels, sports exhaust pipes and Daytona seats. Oh, and the small matter of ‘Verde British’ green paint. Great news. We’re a little disappointed we can’t see that grille in non-body colours though.

Still, click forth now Internet and start designing. Feel free to share your favourites on social media too…

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