Speed Week: The Hot Hatches

speed week hot hatches

Aspirational, affordable, and with blistering performance. And perfect for the school run. What more could you possibly want?

Welcome to the hatchback portion, where almost all contenders have a hatchback. Of course, we could have employed a strict door policy, but then the BMW M235i came along. Clearly, it's a coupe, yet it's based on the M135i - one of our favourite hatches - and therefore qualifies for this group. Besides, with modern platforms and whatnot, the basic hot-hatch layout can be squished or stretched, so what was once a stout five-door could now be a curvy coupe. Being a BMW, it's also rear-wheel drive, which mixes things up a bit more. And why not? After all, it joins a front-wheel-drive Seat Leon Cupra and the four-wheel-drive VW Golf R and Audi S1. The Golf, Audi and Seat use the same - or near as dammit - 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo. The BMW has a 3.0-litre, straight-six turbo.

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