Speed Week: Caterham 160 vs P1

p1 caterham

Speed Week is a broad church. When the P1 and Caterham turned up early we went to Barcelona to find out how broad…

A lot of clever people will tell you that air is a performance car's biggest enemy. Or was it friend? After all, your engine likes to suck it down, it's handy for cooling and if you stick a wing up in it, it'll push you into the ground. However, you also have to move it out of the way. And I only have 80bhp to do that with. It's not enough. Air comes at me from all angles, a raucous, invisible assault - my right eye is closed and my right ear is numb. Hair? That, at least, is not something I have to worry about. Air is thick, too. At 96km/h, it's as viscous as soup; at 129km/h, I feel like I'm trapped in jelly. I stick an arm outside the cockpit and waggle it around in the gale, enjoying the sensation, but realising that I'm not exactly using air to its best advantage.

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