Speed Week: Jaguar F-Type R vs Corvette C7

FtypeR C7

Cheap American thrills vs refined British pleasures. You know which one you want, right?

Jaguar F-Type R versus Corvette. As conclusions go, this one shouldn't be so much foregone as, well, fivegone or sixgone. Sure, the Corvette may have upped its game somewhat in the latest ‘C7' generation, and earned rapturous reviews in America for its ability to negotiate a corner without immediately bursting into flames, but that's America, where frankly if you fit your car with enough XXL cupholders and a Wendy's loyalty card as standard, it'll prove as popular as unlicensed gun ownership.

But this is Europe, and this is the F-Type R. The most beautiful British car in years, packing a stately 542bhp of supercharged V8 and an all-aluminium bottom to put Ms Middleton Jr to shame. A European aristocrat against a swamp-dwelling hillbilly armed with a lead pipe. No contest, right?

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Author: TopGear
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