The Ford Fiesta ST is now a World Rallycross car


The latest Fiesta ST isn't properly on sale, yet here's the RX version

First the Volkswagen Polo, then the Renault Megane RS, now the latest Ford Fiesta ST: the hot hatch class of 2018 is slowly taking over rallycross.

This is the Fiesta-shaped contender that will be aiming for the championship. It’s not being run by Ford itself, rather Swedish team OMSE, with a bit of assistance from Ford Performance.


It’s been built from the ground up to be a World Rallycross supercar – always a good sign – and comes with bespoke suspension and aero to help it compete against that pesky Prodrive Megane.

The Fiesta will compete in the World Rallycross Championship with Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larssonon on driving duties. The series kicks off this weekend in Barcelona, and it’ll be the Fiesta ST’s first competitive appearance anywhere.


While specs are conspicuous by their absence, you can assume it’ll run to the same specs as the rallycross norm: four-wheel drive, 600bhp or so, much sliding fun. Power will likely come from a bigger engine than the standard Fiesta ST’s 1.5-litre three-cylinder.


Like the look of it?

STORY Stephen Dobie

Author: TopGear
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