What’s Porsche’s ‘Project Gold’ all about?


Mysterious videos tease the restoration of a classic 993 Turbo. Sound familiar?

Ooh, now this is interesting. Porsche, via the medium of video, has begun teasing out information about a new car it is working on. A classic car, restored. It is called the ‘Classic Project Gold’, and we are very interested. (Click HERE to read about our drive of a more current 'goldie', the 991.2 Turbo S Exclusive Series)

Because it sounds awfully familiar to another famed restorer of classic Porsches whose name escapes us at the minute. Now, Porsche itself – with its infinite resourcing and unfettered access to everything it has ever made – is having a go.


The first teaser WATCH HERE clearly shows the body of a 993, so we will assume it is a restored 993. The second video WATCH HERE reinforces this because it shows us how Porsche’s classic technicians finished the 993’s aluminium wheels using – and we don’t use this term lightly – frickin’ LAZERS.


The third and latest video WATCH HERE shows us some seats. Specifically, a man handcrafting leather seats with a giant ‘Turbo’ badge on the headrest. So, let us assume that this meticulously restored 993 is a Turbo.

Like we said, we are very interested and now want to see more. We shall bring you more as soon as we have it…

STORY Vijay Pattni

Author: TopGear
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