Meet Holden’s 1,340bhp electric Time Attack monster

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0-100km/h in 1.25s. 480km/h top speed. WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING

In 1968, Holden took its first win in Bathurst. In 2018, Holden has decided to throw caution, modern sensibilities and rationale out of the window to design a wild concept car in celebration of its first win in 1968.

Behold: the Holden ‘Time Attack Concept’ racer. What. On. Earth. Is. Happening.

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Yes, it’s just a design and yes, it’ll never happen but whatever. Sometimes belief needs to be suspended and you need to just enjoy things. OK? Approach it as a Golden Retriever puppy would approach a new ball. Holden tells us it’s been conceived as a “one-lap tearaway”. An actual 3D-printed model exists, with input from Holden’s engineering team.

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And there’s much engineering – concept engineering that is – happening. It’s fully electric, featuring four inboard mounted 250kW motors, totalling a theoretical 1,340bhp. There’s 3,240Nm of torque as well because everyone knows the Earth is slowing down and needs a push.

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It’s got torque vectoring on each corner, three 3-speed gearboxes, a claim of a full recharge in NINETY SECONDS, much cooling, up to 6G of braking force with carbon discs, a carbonfibre chassis with double wishbones all round and active suspension. All in, Holden confidently claims a 0-100km/h time of 1.25secs and a top speed dangerously close to 480km/h. And a Mount Panorama lap time of 1m 29.3s. Of course.

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Holden imagines the body to be made from carbon fibre and Kevlar. Ditto for the underbody. It utilises ground effect tech for downforce, fans, an air brake, frickin’ LASER lights, and something to do with augmented reality whereby your helmet allows 3D graphics projected into it as a real-time overlay.

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Look, it’s not real and likely will never be. But sometimes, you just need to suspend your belief and enjoy things, OK?

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