Grab x Toyota [news]

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Toyota offers its pioneering Total-care Service, a comprehensive mobility service for ride-hailing companies, to Grab

Singapore - Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (TMAP for short) offers Grab its Total-care Service for the 1,500-strong fleet of Toyota vehicles owned by Grab, with a view to extending this reach to the whole of South-East Asia in phases. This pioneering service is designed with ride-hailing companies in mind, and taps on each vehicle's on-board telematics data via an in-car recording system called Translog.

Translog can facilitate predictive maintenance (if needed ahead of schedule, as opposed to dealing with a potentially costly breakdown further down the road) and even make insurance premiums cheaper for safer drivers, all with an aim towards reducing operating costs, improving road safety and presumably, reducing fares for end-users. The long-term goal for Translog is to allow Toyota to analyse how its cars are used, which will prove invaluable in preparing its cars for a future-world of autonomous vehicles.

A dedicated Intensive Care Stall for Grab's Toyota fleet has already been installed at Borneo Motors Singapore's (Singapore's Toyota distributor) Pandan Crescent facility, which has been fully-funded by Toyota Motors Asia Pacific. It is equipped with special tools, autonomous carts and features a maintenance programme that is defined by computers, so technicians can execute routine services more efficiently (we're told it'll take far less than 30 minutes).

However, we understand that this pilot study will also be used to determine how/if such a quick-service programme can be rolled-out for private owners of Toyota vehicles.

(Pictured are (left) Mr. Cohen from Grab and (right) President of Toyota Motor Asia-Pacific, Mr. Susumu Matsuda)

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