A harder, track focused BMW M8 Competition is coming

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New set-up and M Mode to debut on M8s, and there's a Competition version

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Big news! BMW’s M Division has announced a new display and control system for its performance cars, along with a brand new, customisable ‘M Mode’ button. Hurrah!

Very subtly, BMW has announced that these two features – which also feature configurable brakes, for the first time ever – will debut in the forthcoming BMW M8 coupe, and… the forthcoming BMW M8 Competition coupe. Yep, there’ll be a M8 Competition.

(Click HERE to read about the configurable brake system)

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Let’s set aside for a moment the fact that a BMW M car will get an M Mode to make it more… M. There’s obviously no word on what powertrain and suspension enhancements said M8 Competition will receive, but it’ll probably produce more than the regular M8’s 600bhp+ from the same twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 as both M5 and M5 Competition.

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We suspect it’ll sit lower to the floor still, with slightly stiffer suspension and more rigid mounts/aggressive camber. Plus, probably more noise (sports exhaust), and some trick detailing and options. All guesswork really, based on what BMW did with the M5 Comp.

In these new M8 Comp cars, the M Mode button also gets a special ‘Track’ setting not available on the regular, humdrum 600bhp+ M8 coupe/cabrio.

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So, hold down (read: superglue) the M Mode button, and both Competition M8s will have their comfort and safety functions deactivated. Even the audio is turned off, along with the control display, so you’re fully focused on not oversteering around the apex and into a tyre wall.

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Or, as BMW puts it: ‘Track mode allows drivers of the new BMW M8 Competition coupe and convertible to experience an ultra-pure, racing-car-inspired distillation of M feeling.” Gotcha.

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