McLaren has built a fancy e-scooter

By topgear, 23 June 2023

The order books have opened for the Lavoie Series 1. It’s an electric scooter designed by Ian Callum and built by McLaren Applied – the brand’s new mobility spin-off.

The Series 1 is a 'high-performance, foldable scooter'. The folding tech is the bit McLaren’s really excited about. It’s even lodged a patent application, it’s that serious.

‘Flowfold’ describes the one-button push needed to collapse the stem and move the wheel. It’s a design tech that has also enabled the McLaren/Callum collab to do away with the kickstart, opting for ‘Park Mode’ which holds it in place.

Unfolded, the Series 1 comes in two versions, determined by battery size. The standard retails for a tasty £1,890 (est. S$3.3k)and has a capacity of 468Wh, giving roughly 40km of range – based on an average speed of 20km/h.

The second is the Series 1 MAX (capped up for MAXIMUM emphasis – by them, not us). It has a 702Wh battery, capable of 60km. You have to pony up a further £300 (est. S$510) for that extra 20km. Both versions have an unrestricted speed of 40km/h, unless the order is shipping to a place with a legislated restriction.

The battery is in a waterproof hard shell, compliant with strict e-scooter safety standards on both sides of the Atlantic. It charges from 0-100 per cent in less than three hours.

Riders have three powers to choose from. There’s eco Mode 1, ekeing out the most range, cruising Mode 2 and then a sporty Mode 3 for, in McLaren’s words, “ultimate power and full throttle". We’re also told that power and top speed can be tuned through the Lavoie companion app. Fun times.

There’s a pretty neat lighting suite, too,  integrating head and rear lights and indicators. The whole lot gives the e-scooter a futuristic edge in the dark, and keeps riders safe, obvs.

There’s going to be a limited run of 469 of the Lavoie Series 1 – a nod to the first electric scooter launched back in April 1869, apparently. Each of the 469 will be individually numbered and bear a Callum signature plaque. 'Founder edition' owners will also get exclusive access to product releases updates and private events.

A more affordable £500 (S$850) deposit can be put down until you’ve cobbled together the rest. That said, McLaren Applied is offering a five per cent discount to those who pay in full up front.

Ian Callum, design director at Callum, said: “Inspired by LAVOIE’s ambition to effect change in micro mobility through innovative design, our vibrant colours bring life and movement to the future of  transportation. We are pleased to collaborate with a brand at the forefront of advancing personal mobility.”

Lavoie CEO, Eliott Wertheimer, said: “We are proud to launch the Series 1. After years of development and significant innovation, we are confident our e-scooter will lead towards improving micro mobility to automotive standards. The trust from our first customers, our Founders, is extremely important to us. The 469 units of the Founders Edition will be produced to thank them through a beautiful, uniquely numbered, vehicle. They will also benefit from early access to our upcoming launches, news and events.”


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