BMW reveals teaser images of the new 7 Series

By jaytee, 17 March 2022

BMW reveals teaser images of the new 7 Series 

This would probably be your first look at the upcoming BMW 7 Series and i7. Just... wow that's a lot of bling.

Revealed at the 2022 BMW Annual Conference, these teaser images show the shrouded silhouette of the new Bimmer 7 Series luxury sedan in its near-as-makes-no-difference production-ready form. A car that the brand has taken to calling "the first all-electric luxury sedan in the world". We at TopGear Singapore know the provenance of the phrase "in the world", so this ought to be good.

BMW says the front fascia is "based on hallmark BMW design features" with an interior consisting of "digital features and exclusive materials". From what we can gather from the dark image, the new car's DRL units appear to have faceted crystalline elements in the upper light cluster. So BMW wasn't kidding when they said "exclusive crystal glass".

The large stonking kidney grilles will have an illuminated surround, similar to the one we've seen on the XM SUV concept. And like the BMW iX SUV and upcoming BMW i4 sedan, it'll be conjoined as well. The lower half of the bumper appears somewhat reminiscent of the outgoing LCI-ed 7 Series in its luxury trim, but we're certain that there'll be an M-performance variant with a slightly more aggressive face.

We've kindly included a brightened version of the image because even we were straining our eyes to get a proper peek at it.

We're all keen to know what lurks under the hood of the new Bimmer luxobarge, but details on powertrain options are scarce at the moment. BMW has told us that there will be both PHEV and BEV drivetrains available in various states of tune, with a range of all-new generation of internal combustion engines that will comply with the upcoming Euro 7 emission standards. Also, we're told that the all-electric i7 will be the most powerful 7 Series in the model's history, with an estimated WLTP range of 580 to 600km and a combined power consumption of 18.9-19.7kWh/100km.

Just like the exterior, details about the interior are limited as well. We know that it'll have a backlit crystal insert in the dashboard that greets the driver and passenger at entry (and possibly) startup. BMW calls it an "interaction bar", we'd like to think of it as the biggest flex in interior decorating.

We know that it'll have BMW's Curved Display (similar to the iX and new 2 Series Active Tourer) running BMW's latest iDrive system. And we know that there will be a colossal 31-inch 8K panoramic display that descends from the headliner, which could possibly be the best cinematic experience in the back seat of an automobile. Oh, and it'll have a Sky Lounge panoramic sunroof like in the previous 7er.

The new BMW 7 Series/i7 will be revealed this April at the 2022 Beijing Autoshow. So, what do you think?


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