Woah, this is an E30 BMW 3 Series with a Honda S2000 engine

By topgearsingapore, 20 January 2022

The builds from SEMA 2021 keep on coming. Not all of them catch our eye for the right reasons – click these blue words for more of those – but every now and again something crops up that really makes an impression.

Today it’s this – a modified 1985 E30 BMW 318i built by pro drifter and owner of DevSpeed Motorsports Faruk Kugay.

The obvious changes are the Pandem widebody kit, the fantastic 17-inch Rotiform IGS wheels and the E30 M3 rear wing with its DTM-style carbon addendum. 

There’s a less obvious choice under the bonnet though – the F20C 2.0-litre four-pot from the Honda S2000. Rogue, but we like it. Kugay hasn’t gone for max power either – the lightweight naturally aspirated unit is making 240bhp with a California-legal air intake and Borla Performance stainless steel exhaust. It’s connected to the Honda’s original six-speed manual gearbox too, and there’s a BMW limited slip diff. 

The suspension is an adjustable setup from KW and the brakes are sourced from an E36 M3. Oh, and there’s a carbon fibre roof panel for proper modern M3 vibes. Inside Kugay has fitted a load of MOMO bits and a proper motorsport-inspired bare dash. 

What do we think, Internet?

TEXT Greg Potts

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