Borneo Motors Toyota Showroom gets a Fresh Look

By topgearsingapore, 25 August 2023

A Fresh Look for the Borneo Motors Toyota Showroom

Singapore - Borneo Motors has unveiled its fully renovated Toyota showroom in a grand reopening event that promises to usher in a new era of customer experience, as it successfully integrates the digital with the physical in-store experience.

The interior boasts a spacious layout that showcases a diverse range of Toyota vehicles, catering to the varied preferences and needs of the discerning customers.

One of the central highlights of the revamped showroom is the integration of Digital Experience Platform (DXP), part of Toyota's Omnichannel experience.

This allows potential customers to explore different Toyota models in detail, offering insights into their features, performance specifications, and customization options.  

The digital approach empowers potential buyers to make informed decisions that align with their requirements and preferences before they even step into the showroom.

There's also a fresh look for the Gazoo Racing garage, an exclusive corner for the Toyota's sporty GR models, such as the 86 and the Supra.

The ever-popular models like the Toyota Corolla, Sienta and Harrier were also on display. What’s more interesting is the lifestyle elements that the showroom has. With Brompton foldable bicycles and other accessories, the showroom becomes a lifestyle hub.

The integrated online platform allows customers to begin their journey of owning a Toyota with their fingertips, although you can also head down to physically check-out the different paint colours available, as well as in the fabrics of the interior.

Ultimately, the reopening of the Borneo Motors fully renovated Toyota showroom is a commitment to providing customers with an elevated experience through digitalisation, including a SmartQ system.

The showroom's doors are now open to warmly welcome customers into the Toyota family.

STORY Cheng Yu Hung

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